A Message to Our Customers About Takata Airbags

The automotive industry is facing an unprecedented challenge in the recall and replacement of millions of Takata airbag inflators. We want to assure you that Honda is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of our customers with vehicles affected by this issue. We stand behind the safety and quality of our products. The protection of the drivers and passengers in our vehicles is our utmost concern, and we urge all owners of affected vehicles to seek repair immediately.

There is no reason to wait…

  • This issue can kill or seriously injure you or your passengers.
  • All safety recall repairs are FREE at authorized Acura and Honda dealers.
  • We have replacement parts for ALL recalled Acura and Honda models.
  • FREE rental car available to the vehicle owner for the day of the recall repair.
  • Call NOW for help 1-888-234-2138.

We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience that they may experience as a result of this issue.

Our Priorities

In addressing the Takata airbag inflator issue, our priorities are:

1) Informing all owners affected by these recalls and encouraging them to contact an authorized dealer to schedule the free repair as soon as possible.

2) Working with our dealers to ensure a positive experience for our customers throughout the entire process of scheduling and completing each repair – including offering a free loaner or rental vehicle if needed for the day of the free recall repair.

3) Quickly and thoughtfully addressing all customer concerns through our expanded customer service office at 1-888-234-2138

Our Responsibility

The steps we are taking not only reflect our responsibility as an automaker, but fulfill the trust our customers have placed in the Honda and Acura brands and our vehicles. Honoring this relationship, we have undertaken unprecedented measures to inform our customers of the importance of completing the inflator replacement beyond the minimum requirement of a mailed notification. This has included phone calls, text messages, print and online advertising, door-to-door canvassing and more in an effort to contact hard-to-reach owners to notify them of the need to bring in their vehicle for the free repair.

We are making progress in replacing airbag inflators in the affected vehicles, but we would like to ask your help. Please check to see if you own an affected vehicle – even if it is being driven by another member of your family. And let your extended family and friends who may own an affected vehicle know about this critical recall.

Thank you again for the trust you have placed in the Honda brand.