Honda Advises Owners of Vehicles Affected by Takata Airbag Inflator Recalls to Seek Repair Immediately

  • Replacement parts, all from non-Takata suppliers, are available for all affected Honda and Acura models
  • Certain unrepaired 2001-2003 models may be at higher risk and should only be driven to a dealer for immediate repair


TORRANCE, Calif. – March 27, 2017 – Along with vehicles from multiple automakers, certain Honda and Acura vehicles require free recall repairs to replace defective Takata airbag inflators that could rupture during a crash, potentially injuring or killing vehicle occupants. Honda encourages owners of all affected Honda and Acura vehicles to check their vehicle identification number (VIN) and, if the repairs have not been made, to seek the free recall repairs immediately, as replacement parts for all affected models are available at authorized dealers nationwide.

Additionally, certain 2001-2003 Honda and Acura models originally equipped with the first-recalled Takata driver’s front airbag inflators, called “Alpha” inflators, represent a particularly high risk to their drivers and passengers with up to a 50 percent chance of an inflator rupture in a crash. Tragically, Honda has confirmed ten deaths in its vehicles due to ruptures of Takata airbag inflators in the United States, and all but two of these involved “Alpha” inflators. Honda continues to recommend that unrepaired “Alpha” vehicles not be driven except to an authorized dealer for repair. A list of the specific 2001-2003 models that may be equipped with recalled Takata PSDI “Alpha” driver airbag inflators can be found here.

While significant progress has been made in repairing “Alpha” vehicles, with over 74 percent fixed to date, for a variety of reasons, a significant number of owners of these vehicles have not yet sought the free recall repairs.

There are five key things that Honda wants every owner of an unrepaired “Alpha” vehicle to know.

  1. All recall repairs are free.
  2. The only place your “Alpha” vehicle should be driven is to an authorized dealer for repair. If you’re uncomfortable or unable to drive your car in for repair, we will pay to tow it (even a non-running vehicle) to the nearest dealer for free.
  3. We have plenty of replacement parts, all from alternative suppliers, not Takata. There should be no parts-related delay in the repair of your vehicle.
  4. If you need it, Honda will provide you with a free loaner or rental car on the day of your vehicle’s repair.
  5. Please don’t delay. Everyone is busy, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but this repair could save your life!

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Honda currently has sufficient supplies of replacement inflators to complete the required repairs for all Honda and Acura models affected by the Takata airbag inflator recalls. All of the replacement parts being used to repair Honda and Acura vehicles are from alternative suppliers, not Takata.

We continue to encourage all Honda and Acura vehicle owners to immediately check for open recalls at and and contact an authorized dealer as soon as possible to schedule the free repair. Any concerned customer can also contact Automobile Customer Service at 888-234-2138.

More information about the higher-risk inflators can be found here:

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