• Takata Non-Azide Driver Inflators (NADI inflators) have been recalled in certain 1996-2003 Acura and Honda vehicles 
  • NADI inflators are different from airbag inflators involved in earlier recalls of later models
  • Replacement parts for this recall are not yet available (expected March 2021 or sooner)
  • Owners of affected vehicles should wait for 2nd mailed notification (expected March 2021 or sooner), instructing them to seek inspection/repair
  • Risk of improper airbag deployment for NADI inflators installed in Acura and Honda vehicles appears to be very low but Honda cannot absolutely guarantee the performance of any part under recall
  • Concerned vehicle owners may call 1-888-234-2138 for more information
  • View NADI Airbag Inflator Recall Media Statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wrong with these airbags?

In November 2019, Takata submitted a defect information report (DIR) to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) related to NADI inflators installed in multiple automakers’ vehicles. NADI inflators pre-date and are different from Takata non-desiccated inflators involved in earlier airbag inflator recalls. Manufactured without appropriate seals, recalled NADI inflators may allow air and moisture to leak into the inflators, causing propellant degradation. If a recalled NADI inflator-equipped airbag with degraded propellant deploys during a crash, it may deploy too slowly or, in very rare cases, too forcefully, rupturing and throwing metal pieces of the inflator toward vehicle occupants. Either scenario could contribute to occupant injuries.

What should an owner of a recalled vehicle do now?

At this time, Honda does not recommend any action by vehicle owners.

Honda mailed initial notification letters to registered owners of affected vehicles in early-March 2020 based on state registration information. These letters advised owners that their vehicle will require an inspection/repair when replacement parts become available (expected March 2021 or sooner).

As replacement parts become available for specific vehicles, owners will receive a second mailed notice, advising them to schedule an inspection/repair at an authorized dealer.

Why will it take a year or more to get replacement parts for this recall?

Takata no longer produces the NADI inflator, and there are no other existing alternative suppliers of a compatible part. Therefore, Honda intends to work with another airbag manufacturer to secure replacement parts for its vehicles affected by this recall. We estimate that this process will take approximately one year.

What will Honda provide for concerned owners until replacement parts are available?

Honda will address specific customer concerns on a case-by-case basis and invites any concerned Acura or Honda customer to contact us at (888) 234-2138.

Are these vehicles safe to drive?

Honda regrets any inconvenience or distress that this situation may cause to our customers as we seek to resolve this situation. Honda believes that the risk of improper airbag deployment in its vehicles remains very low at this time, but we cannot absolutely guarantee the performance of any part under recall.

Honda invites any concerned Acura or Honda customer to contact us at (888) 234-2138.

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